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No animals. No nudity. No feeding the customers. Apart from that almost anything goes at No Soul For Sale. 50 non-profit art organisations from around the world have been invited to set up a stall in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern. By the time dusk falls, the scene is a wonderfully confused mess. They […]

Most people would find the prospect of entertaining several thousand people in their own home somewhat daunting. But throughout May in Brighton, such are the visitor numbers for a typical address in the Artists’ Open House festival. Citywide that adds up to around 230,000 guests. It is no wonder that home-loving artists from Hanover to […]

Few living artists get as much exposure as Spencer Tunick. But then again this live installation specialist and photographer works exclusively with nudes, hundreds and sometimes thousands of them. His latest project, shot over Bank Holiday weekend, is set in Salford and Manchester. Tunick is using the project as a response to the region’s best […]

Going to review Boy George for News of the World was an interesting experience. The audience was full of die hard fans, grannies and members of the Hare Krishna. You can read the results, here.

Cities without an established home for contemporary art might well look with interest at a solution found by artists in Brighton and Hove this May. House Festival 2010 is a temporary gallery with nine rooms spread around the twin coastal resorts, in venues as diverse as a Regency townhouse, a day centre and a garden […]

Exhibition: Underwater, Towner, Eastbourne, until June 20 2010 In the landscapes paintings of Eric Ravilious, the South Downs look like green waves in a rough sea, at least they do so after a visit to Underwater at Towner. The Eastbourne gallery has a reputation for landscape art and the local painter is one of many […]

artwigging = earwigging in art galleries. My new blog contains comments made when the authors think no one is listening. Consider yourself a fly on the white walls, and click here to enjoy.