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Skill and accomplishment are at the forefront of this unusual work. But instead of technique with a brush or a chisel, we are treated to the novel and maybe useless vocal imitation of 32 typewriters. This is representational art of the highest order. Each sequence of hammer strikes does sound, it must be said, just […]

Art is getting noisier. Galleries echo with moving image installations. The quieter ones provide you with audio-guides. Sound is now such a vital dimension of art, some artists are making art about that very phenomenon. In a boxlike construction at Ikon in Birmingham, you can pull up a beanbag and enjoy some music. On a […]

Exhibition: Ron Terada – Who I Think I Am, Ikon, Birmingham, until May 16 2010 A brief digression on Vancouver may be needed. Thanks to a generation of artists that includes Jeff Wall, the third largest city in Canada has become an unlikely art world capital. So Ron Terada has emerged from a local scene […]

The end of the world is nigh in the art of Richard Grayson. But we might just be saved by work like this. It has a light touch, which never gives way to despair. There is irony even in the title of Ways The World Ends. Competing prophecies are ranged against one another in acid-coloured […]

Put work in a gallery and it becomes art. Put it in a bin and it becomes rubbish. But put work in a bin in a gallery, and you may find it becomes both. Such is the strange new context for the many damaged pieces already piling up in the Art Bin. Take the glass-encrusted […]

  Exhibition: Michael Landy – Art Bin, the South London Gallery, January 29 – March 14 2010 Michael Landy, who famously destroyed all his possessions in the name of art, is set to dispose of a whole gallery of art, perhaps in the name of destruction. For six weeks Landy will turn the South London […]

Published on Culture24 David Blandy – Fortress of Solitude, 176 / Zabludowicz Collection, London, until Summer 2010 Strap on the artificial guitar and fire up the games console and you are ready to enter David Blandy’s world. It is indeed, as he demonstrates, a stage. We find our truth in the roles we play. Guitar […]