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Exhibition: Modern Times, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, until June 13 2010 Somewhere between art and architecture sits a drawing by minimalist sculptor Fred Sandbeck. His pencil and chalk plan for a Zurich gallery construction hovers in mid air, reminding us of the Utopian potential of pictorial space. The architectural role of this work would […]

The steel and concrete fixtures of a contemporary art gallery ring with the ancient call of a town crier. He cuts an incongruous figure, in tailcoat, top hat and gold brocade. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Please support Towner’s entry in the Art Fund Prize by putting an entry on the computer.” It is […]

Many will tell you that London is the centre of the art world. And if you had to choose a centre for art in that city, it would still have to be the East End. “It really is London’s cultural engine,” says Rachel Mapplebeck of Whitechapel Gallery. “It’s also got the highest concentration of artists […]

Published on Culture 24 Beyond These Walls, South London Gallery, until September 20 2009 Beyond These Walls opened on July 24, three weeks after a fire killed six people in a neighbouring tower block. It was a grim coincidence: this is a show about the gallery’s local context, and the disaster has highlighted the contrast […]

Published on Culture 24 SANAA – 2009 Serpentine Pavilion, Hyde Park, London, until October 18 2009 The slim steel pillars of the 2009 Serpentine Pavilion don’t so much hold the structure up as keep it tied down. The roof looks weightless and amorphous. At one point it is anchored just a metre above ground; elsewhere […]