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Published on Culture24 David Blandy – Fortress of Solitude, 176 / Zabludowicz Collection, London, until Summer 2010 Strap on the artificial guitar and fire up the games console and you are ready to enter David Blandy’s world. It is indeed, as he demonstrates, a stage. We find our truth in the roles we play. Guitar […]

Published on Culture24 The Sacred Made Real at The National Gallery, London, until January 2010 As you would expect from a pallid corpse in a darkened room, Dead Christ draws quite a crowd. Gregorio Fernández’s wooden bier is surrounded by a dozen curious visitors. If this was a roadside, they would be driving past slowly, […]

Just Jack played at Concorde 2 and I went along for News of the World. Here’s the result.

Here’s a piece I wrote about Keats heritage sites for Culture24, all aimed to tie in with a certain movie.

My personal pick of this decade’s albums is available to peruse at Scrawls and Bawls, which also carries loads of good interviews and reviews.  If you like music, check it out.

Laura Marling played a support set at Concorde2 in Brighton last week.  It was good, but not as good as headline act Daniel Johnston. Anyway, my review for News of the World can be found here. Scroll down.

Published on Culture24 The £61m redevelopment at the Ashmolean Museum has made headlines this week, but another money-related story of no less interest can be found at the new building in Oxford. The museum is also home to a raft of coins ranking among the ten most important monetary collections in the world, containing 300,000 […]