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Written for Culture24 Exhibition: Keith Tyson – Cloud Choreography and Other Emergent Systems, Parasol Unit, London, until November 11 2009 It goes something like this: n pigeons/a non-graceful tree of 2n generations where each gen has r vertices and then has r+1 edges and r and n are random integers within the limits (0<n>5) (1<r>9). […]

Published on Culture 24 Exhibition: Peter Randall-Page, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Underground Gallery, Garden Gallery and open air, Wakefield, until January 2010 Glacial boulders provide much of the raw material. And having been thawed out and carved up by Peter Randall– Page, the rocks still appear to be moving. To claim that stones have energy fields […]

Published on Culture 24 Turner Prize 2009 Exhibition, Tate Britain, until January 3 2010 Turner Prize art rarely speaks for itself. A deformed lump of cream-coloured plastic is fixed to the wall. It is an exhibit by candidate Roger Hiorns. “What do you see?” a mother enquires. “I see a man on horseback.” “I see […]

Published on Art & Music The dense reverb is always there. Artist Stephen Cornford has to speak up to be heard. In the room are eight customized turntables on plinths with speakers. None are switched on, but all are plugged in. And that is enough to make the air throb in Brighton’s tiny Permanent Gallery. […]

Published on Culture 24 No Love Lost, Blue Paintings by Damien Hirst, The Wallace Collection, London, until January 24 2009. How often does middle-aged famous millionaire Damien Hirst really think about death? Well, by the evidence of his new show it is the only thing on his mind. Much has been made of his decision […]

Published on Culture 24 An interview with curator and gallery owner Daniel Pryde-Jarman from Brighton’s Grey Area Daniel Pryde-Jarman is on his way to becoming a doctor of curatorial practice, a leading authority on the concept of heterotopia. “It basically it means other places, spaces of otherness,” he explains. “Heterotopia comes from Foucault’s concepts of […]

Published on Culture 24 Artists Anonymous – Lucifer Over London, Riflemaker, London, until November 21 2009 David was apparently hewn from a 27-stone block of marble after which Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel single-handed. Would he not, by the end of it, have looked something like Arnold Schwarzenegger? The question is asked on camera by […]