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Published on Culture 24 Jack Freak Pictures, Gilbert and George, White Cube, London, until August 22 2009 Two years ago Gilbert and George were accorded the ultimate mark of respect from the art establishment in Britain. The highlights from their lifetime’s work were put on display in the most extensive retrospective show ever to be […]

Published on Culture 24 Fabric of War, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, until August 16 2009 Ex-serviceman Mike Blake has ripped up several US flags, shredded a handful of dollar bills and even gone so far as to cut up and pulp his military uniform. The reconstituted garments now form the canvas for his anti-war picture Vortex. […]

Published on Culture 24 The Scottish Colourists – Paintings from the Fleming Collection, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, until November 1 2009 Between 1909 and 1912, Edinburgh was closer to Paris than London. The French capital was awash with new artistic ideas and two Scottish painters were already making a name for themselves as Fauvists. Samuel […]

Published on Culture 24 Mens Suits by Charles LeDray, The Fire Station, London, until September 20 2009 First, note the missing apostrophe from the title of this show, in which attention to detail is everything. It’s an intentional flaw which reads like a warning to expect something from the lower end of fashion. The typo […]

Published on Culture 24 Cold Corners by Eva Rothschild, Duveens’ Commission, Tate Britain, London, until November 29 2009 Sometimes less space can be more. Tate Britain’s Duveens Galleries aren’t quite as large as the Turbine Hall just down the river at Tate Modern, but the neo-classical surroundings offer quite different possibilities. When commissioned to fill […]

Published on Culture 24 Endless Forms: Darwin – Natural Science and the Visual Arts, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, until October 4 2009 An 1838 print from The Penny Magazine shows us Jenny, sitting on a chair, wearing children’s clothes, holding a ball. It’s remarkable, because this little lady was a captive Orangutan. Jenny was one […]

Published on Culture 24 John Grade – The Elephant Bed, Fabrica, Brighton, until August 31 2009 Brighton and Hove rests on a layer of powdered elephant, but do not be alarmed. The pachyderms in question lived in prehistoric times, sharing the region with buffalo and deer. Their remains are collected in a strip of shale […]